Why us

In the Thein Group, we have been dealing with the topic of sustainability and how to help our customers from large and medium-sized companies with its implementation and ESG reporting for a long time. We now offer these services as part of Thein Digital's product portfolio. We have obtained sustainability certifications such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

For who is the service suitable

Large and medium-sized organisations that are already, or from next year will be required to prepare non-financial ESG reporting. However, the service can also be used by companies for which sustainability is a critical topic and whose customers and other stakeholders consider sustainability to be essential. Banks, investors and other institutions also take sustainability strategy into account when setting interest rates etc. 

Sustainability is opening up new business opportunities. A sustainable approach plays a crucial role for your partners too, and regularly assessing the environmental impact of your business is a key factor for a growing number of managers.

Our services

Consultation: Setup and execution of ESG Reporting.

Consultation on the deployment of ESG support tools:

  • Introductory workshop
  • Scoping workshop
  • Pilot deployment
  • Rollout and subsequent support
  • Documentation

Implementation: Deployment of a cloud tool for Sustainability performance management (ESG)

Contains the main components:

  • Emissions management – Scope 1 and 2 Greenhouse gas records and reporting
  • Emissions management – setting and monitoring targets
  • Tool support for creating non-financial ESG reports
  • ESG Reporting – building evaluation and benchmarks
  • ESG Performance – Program Monitoring
  • ESG Performance – Value Chain Surveys and Assessments
  • Energy management – Analysis of energy bills

ESG Certification.

Cooperation with Thein Digital

At Thein Digital, our team of experienced consultants and technical delivery specialists will guide you through the project of adopting sustainability tools and methodologies, from the initial analysis of the current state, through the execution of a pilot project, to implementation and subsequent support and development.

We build on 30 years of experience in the market of enterprise IT solutions and pay attention to the detailed mapping of customer needs and the design and execution of tailor-made solutions.

Climate change has become a defining factor in companies’ long-term prospects.
Larry Fink, CEO BlackRock

Marie Machálková ESG Delivery Manager

Marie Machálková ESG Delivery Manager

ESG Delivery Manager

Interested in more information on ESG?

If you want to find out more about the implementation of tools for the management and automation of ESG reporting, contact Marie Machálková (marie.machalkova@thein.eu) or Nikola Ulčáková (nikola.ulcakova@thein.eu).

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