The fund’s focus.



We look for companies enabling the customers to function effectively in the digital environment: they provide the ICT infrastructure, platforms, IT outsourcing, and cloud solutions including DC.
Cyber Security

Cyber Security.

The cyber security investments are crucial for most companies. We support SOC systems and projects, which protect corporations against cyber-attacks and social engineering.


Cloud technologies optimise operations and increase the data security. We focus on companies that offer customisation and cloud migration app development for corporations.
We know the needs of our companies and investors and we believe in a personal approach to each of them.

Invest in technology. Invest in the future.

We believe that technologies are the driving force of the global economy, and they improve the quality, productivity and profitability of every industry. For our portfolio, we pick companies with complimenting synergies, and thanks to our experience we create space for their growth, thus maximising the profit margins for our investors.

Our approach.

Long-term growth

We invest in ICT, an anti-cyclic industry showing long-term growth

Unique portfolio

We form a unique company and service portfolio, which supports the customer’s digital transformation


We help corporations and corporate customers with migration to hybrid and cloud solutions


We utilise cost synergies for companies in our portfolio


We focus on process automation and robotisation

Cyber security

We create modern cyber security services

We invest in stable companies with growing profits.

Our philosophy.

For our portfolio, we pick companies that reflect our values, mission and vision – to drive the digital economy forward. We acquire the majority ownership of the company, and then appoint our own management and experts. That helps us to maximise the development potential. We are responsible for the acquisition target search, management and the execution of strategies for all companies in the portfolio.

Your benefits.

15 % profit

15 % profit

Through the combination of individual company performances, J&T Thein SICAV fund expects a 15% annual profit.

Stable growth

Stable growth

ICT is an anti-cyclic industry. We target profitable and stable companies with growing return.

Top in the field

Top in the field

Our team has excellent results in our field, along with the expertise, experience and Tomáš Budník’s contacts.

Unique portfolio

Unique portfolio

Our companies rely on corporations and medium-sized telecommunications, banking, industrial, and government-tied companies.

The right choice

The right choice

Thanks to the expert knowledge of the areas, CEE market and technological trends; we pick and choose sensible projects.

Active management

Active management

We actively manage and connect the company portfolio in the prospering IT group through majority investments.

About Thein.

Thein is an investment group owned by a technological expert and investor Tomáš Budník, which specialises in technological companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia operating in ICT, cyber security and industry 4.0. It wants to connect interesting projects with exceptional results in its portfolio, and provide them with business and infrastructure expertise. Thein’s main philosophy is looking for new synergy amongst the individual projects and keeping the Czech know-how in Czech hands. Tomáš Budník holds 65% share of the founders stock.

About J&T Private Equity Group.

J&T Private Equity Group focuses on investments in companies and projects in the industrial and energy segments, e-commerce, retail, real-estate, media, sport, healthcare, tourism, IT and telecommunications technologies, research and development etc. The company was founded in 2013 and is present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Holland, Cyprus, Croatia and other countries today. J&T Private Equity Group holds 35% share of the founders stock.

Our team.

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Our companies.

Fund parameters.

Investment strategy.

  • Focus:
    ICT, Cyber security, application development
  • Geography:
    Primarily CZ and SK, CEE
  • Investment in projects:
    25 – 500 MM CZK
  • Target fund size:
    Full takeover or majority stake
  • Exit strategy:
    Sale of shares, companies, IPO

J&T Thein SICAV investment fund.

  • Type of fund:
  • Fund focus:
    Private equity
  • Residency:
    Praque, ČR
  • 1st investment faze:
    500 m CZK
  • Administrator:
    AMISTA investiční společnost, a.s.
    – You can find mandatory information about the fund on the Amista website:
  • Minimum investment:
    1 m CZK
  • Expected return:
    15 % p.a.
  • Locking perioda:
    0 – 36 month, next 24 months precipitation 25 %
  • Management fee:
    1,25 % p.a.
  • Recommended investment horizon:
    At least 7 years

Information materials.

Sales representative contact.

AMISTA investiční společnost, a.s.

 +420 226 233 110


Individual call with management?

Petr Kuta – BackOffice Manager
+420 773 765 135

J&T Banka
+420 800 707 606


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