Thein Innovation


We innovate, we push boundaries, we connect industries.


We identify and develop unique products with high added value and potential for utilization throughout the world. We connect top-class know-how of Czech universities with potential customers.  Within Thein Innovation Park we focus on applied research, production of prototypes, marketing and trade, founding and co-financing of innovative companies.

We aim mainly on projects which try to address current issues in connection with climate change, global warming or drought. 
Our main advantage compared to similar projects of science-technological parks is our strong and unique backgroud both in the field of industry and technology.
We actively search for projects in cooperation with Czech universities, however we are also open to be approached by academics and patent holders.

Thein Innovations Ltd. is a new project under Thein Group. Beside our Industry and ITC companies we decided to establish Innovation vehicle which could be able to commercialized all the Czech university research in the world market. 

Thein Industry companies:

Thein ICT companies:


Segments of interest: 

  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental - such as pumping, cleaning and distribution of water
  • Hydrogen
  • AI
  • HomeCare, HealthCare, Telerehabilitation

We are looking for partners in the same fields. Companies that work with innovations in the same way, universities with their research or technology transfer and an opportunity for investment in US market in above mentioned fields.


Multifunctional water-reservoir.

Cooperation with VUT Brno Technical University

Self-cooling pavement.

Cooperation with VUT Brno Technical University


Cooperation with VUT Brno Technical University
We build on innovation, tradition, and family values, building our portfolio in the same spirit.

Our team.

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Offices and correspondence address

Pikrtova 1737/1a
140 00 Praha 4 –Nusle
Budova Enterprise

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Innovation audit.

  • Assessment of the innovativeness of products with the potential for commercialization
  • Assessment of human potential
  • Potential for interconnection in large projects of corporate companies
  • Optimal PR marketing of innovations
  • Financing of facilities to support the entry of own innovations into the market, Possibilities of state/EU support and Thein Innovations support
  • Setting up optimal adaptation to trends

FUTTEC. Metalkov, AMS

University Scouting.

If you are not completely satisfied with the work of your We will be happy to fine-tune your processes, especially in the following areas

  • Getting closer to the real needs of the market/companies
  • Evaluation of the results of your research and development
  • Expansion of your business development, marketing and sales

The goal is to maximize revenues from the university's intellectual property