Why us

At Thein Digital, we build on 30 years of experience with traditional on-premise infrastructure projects. Cooperation with Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows us to continue to be an innovative and reliable partner for our customers that supports modernization of their IT systems. By combining the most appropriate technologies from the traditional on-premise and modern public cloud worlds, we strengthen the competitiveness and economic growth of our customers.

Thanks to industry experience in the Automotive, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Commerce and E-commerce, Education, or Telecommunications sectors and a consultative approach, we will propose tailor-made solutions for each of our clients.

Thein Digital is an AWS Select Partner

Why AWS and why today

Traditional on-premise projects face long-term delivery times (weeks/months) and significantly limit the ability to strengthen IT capabilities and reach your customers with new services. The services provided by AWS are a reliable alternative, allowing you to start experimenting and supporting your projects in minutes and hours, without a need for significant investments, tenders and demanding physical installations.

Migrating traffic to the public cloud brings significant operational savings and at the same time strengthens the competence of IT supporting the requirements of internal contractors, without having to compromise on security and regulatory standards.

An example of pilot projects suitable for getting to know the cloud, the results of which are immediately visible, is, for example, the use of AWS to create a backup site for archiving and backing up data. Building and operating such a location on your own is a big challenge today due to the delivery times of physical hardware, the provision of professional staff and the subsequent operation of the data center.

What will AWS bring you?

Flexibility. Do you need to cover a short-term increase in demand for your services? Additional compute, network and storage resources are immediately available.

Safety. Security of the data center perimeter is implemented on the AWS side, and a comprehensive offer of cyber security tools will allow you to catch all threats.

High availability. Traditional use cases for the public cloud are rapid recovery after an outage, providing archiving and backup services.

Cost effectiveness. The operation of applications with variable resource requirements, disaster recovery location, data analytics and many other use cases effectively reduce CAPEX and optimize OPEX.

Agility. An extensive library of services, platforms and applications enables new projects to be launched in minutes or hours instead of weeks and months.

5 reasons to migrate to AWS

  • 20% infrastructure savings
  • 66% increase in admin productivity
  • 43% reduction in deployment time of new functionalities
  • 45% reduction in security incidents
  • 29% increase in staff focus on innovation

* source: "The Business Value of Migration to Amazon Web Services", The Hackett Group, January 2022

Agendas suitable for the first adaptation of the cloud

Deposit. At AWS, we will build a scalable, resilient and secure data protection solution.

Archiving. Achieve cost reductions by moving archives to AWS and see your data from a new perspective.

Disaster recovery. Scalable, cost-effective recovery of applications to AWS.

Cooperation with Thein Digital

Migrating to AWS

At Thein Digital, we will analyze your existing environment for you and identify areas suitable for migration to AWS. As part of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program, we apply a methodology structured into three phases, which include a thorough preparation and practical support in the implementation of the planned migration.

Analysis. System analysis will enhance your understanding of the current state. We will prepare an initial business case summarizing the costs and benefits of operating in the cloud.

Activation. We will develop a comprehensive migration plan with a detailed business case. We migrate the first applications and you get the first experience and basic cloud capability.

Migration and modernization. We will implement the migration of other agendas, we will modernize your systems in subsequent stages. We continuously optimize the use of the cloud.



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Interested in learning more about Amazon Web Services?

To find out more about how AWS adaptation can help you streamline your IT infrastructure operations, please contact our colleague Jan Havlíček: jan.havlicek@thein.eu