Focus of fund.

Rail industry.

We are building up a unique group of companies in the field of manufacturing within the rail industry. These include companies producing various components, and those with particular products such as trams, locomotives, etc.

Engineering within the energy industry.

We’re interested in engineering companies working within the energy industry, from heavy engineering and the complete supply of equipment and systems for CHP plants to components for related sectors, in particular for the petrochemical industry.

Technologies for the manufacturing industry.

We seek out opportunities within chemical and food engineering, where we already have great references in portfolio companies. We are also developing hydrogen propulsion (fuel cells) and the use of hydrogen within the energy industry.
We believe in tradition, company family values, and also innovation and synergy.

Invest in modern industry. Shift it up into the new digital form.

Smart technology within the rail industry – One example of the opportunities we see here is the automated monitoring of the condition of locomotives, in which artificial intelligence and the use of information technologies allow us to foresee faults and adopt preventive measures before the actual fault arises. Improved monitoring thus helps to reduce costs on unplanned maintenance and brings with it many other benefits.

Our approach.

Active management

Through the acquisition of a 100% controlling share in the companies, we take over active strategic management, while also respecting the companies’ culture, values and previous successes.

Cost synergy

Our objective is integration into one group which will be diversified over a number of branches focused on custom and small-scale production and which will be able to take advantage of shared purchase, sales and all support functions.


We are building up a portfolio of societies which complement each other, creating a broad range of projects and services within the industrial context.

Long-term partnership

Our portfolio companies are also our partners, and we share our long-term business vision with them.

A step ahead

We see opportunities which company owners often miss. We have the financial resources, expertise and experience which allow us to take full advantage of these opportunities and become the leading player in the field.

Industry 4.0

Through our partnership with Thein Digital, we are implementing modern IT within production management, and we are actively deploying the Industry 4.0 concept.

We are building up a strong group capable of exploiting the full potential of all our companies.

Our philosophy.

Our experts and managers bring their extensive experience of managing, financing and seeking acquisition targets to the company. In close collaboration with the companies, we develop reliable business strategies, take responsibility for their execution and through our approach to innovative technologies and our strategic knowledge of new trends, we help them develop their potential to the fullest extent.

Reasons to invest in the Thein Private Equity Fund.


A generational change is underway, and company owners are looking at whom they should transfer their companies to. Many are choosing to sell their company, meaning that there are currently some incredible companies and opportunities on the market. The timing of the fund is thus particularly good.

New opportunities

Companies which focus on the repair and supply of components for railway rolling stock are currently unable to satisfy growing capacity demands. Furthermore, the European Union’s European Green Deal is heavily promoting the innovation and automation of the entire rail sector.

Traditional segment

Engineering was the most important sector of industry in Czechoslovakia prior to the Second World War. Because we used to be one of the world leaders in the field, not only has the sector got a long tradition and a solid place here, but not has it lost its role even today.

Advantageous geography

The fund seeks out investment opportunities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in particular. Thanks to its highly qualified workforce and low manufacturing costs, the Czech Republic is the fifth most advantageous country in the world for the manufacturing sector, and the best country in Europe.

Able to confront risks

Effective assessment of risks is what we do. Thanks to our detailed knowledge of the market and thorough due diligence, we select projects which add up.

10 % yield

We invest in established enterprises with a proven ability to generate profit. The fund’s anticipated yield is 10%.

About the Thein Group.

Thein is an investment group set up by technology expert and investor Tomáš Budník which focuses on technology companies in two main sectors: modern IT and traditional engineering. Our activities in IT and cyber security come under the Thein Digital brand, while engineering comes under the Thein Industry brand. In our portfolio, we want to bring together interesting projects which demonstrate excellent results, and provide them with business and infrastructure expertise. Thein’s core philosophy is to seek new synergies between individual projects and to keep Czech know-how in Czech hands.

About Thein Private Equity SICAV.

The Thein Private Equity SICAV fund invests 100% or majority shares in companies operating within the rail industry, in engineering within the energy industry, and in technologies for the chemical industry. We can offer our investors an attractive return – we believe in the success of our fund because of the strong value proposition we can provide to investors.

Our team.

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Our companies.

Fund parameters.

Informace o fondu.

  • Fund type:
  • Type of investments:
    Majority share acquisition,
    active involvement
  • Fund target size:
    1 bn CZK
  • Current fund size:
    450 m CZK
  • Main investor:
    Tomáš Budník
  • Investment approach:
    Private equity
  • Domicile:
    Czech Republic
  • Target number of companies in group:
  • Acquisition financing:
  • Recommended investment horizon:
    7 years

Thein Private Equity SICAV.

  • Manager / administrator:
    AMISTA investiční společnost, a.s.
  • Depositary:
    Komerční banka, a.s
  • Auditor:
    BDO Audit, s.r.o.
  • Valuer:
    Equity Solutions Appraisal, s.r.o.
  • Fund advisor:
    Thein Consulting, s.r.o.
  • Management Fee:
    2 % p.a.
  • Anticipated fund yield:
    10 % p.a.
  • Lockup period:
    36 měsíců od vkladu investice
  • Share classes:
    Investment in CZK
  • Minimum investment:
    1 m CZK

Information materials.

Contact us.

AMISTA investiční společnost, a.s.

 +420 226 233 110



Individual call with management

Petr Kuta – BackOffice Manager
+420 773 765 135


Komerční banka, a.s



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